We need help with arduino project

need help with an arduino project…

Fantastic description of your problems there. Just reconnect the LEDs and alter that resistor value and you are there.

That is the best I can do in the light of totally no information about your problem.

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ahh sorry… about the problem… we are ask to make a voice recognition doorbell using arduino… in the case of:

1st option:
if i am going to say open, the door will open recognizing my voice without ringing the doorbell…
if it is not my voice, then thats the time the doorbell will ring while the door remains closed…

2nd option:
if anyone says hello, the doorbell will ring… (no more doors for 2nd option)

this is only arduino, no android…

Who is asking to do this? Are you a 4th year engineering student?

i am 3rd yr at 2nd sem info tech student… this is for our capstone project… our adviser recommend that kind of project…

What is your experience digitizing voice and programming voice recognition?

actually this would be our first time… so i have 0 experience with this voice recognition… but we know only the basic on arduino… turning led lights on and off… the very basic only…

First, thank you for being up front about this being a class project. You will get more appropriate assistance than those who try to get us to do their homework.

This will be tough because the Arduino boards simply don’t have the processing horsepower that you would need for voice recognition. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a VR project for the Arduino. (If you do succeed, then please post the project here).

The only voice recognition I’ve seen has been on a Raspberry Pi or using dedicated voice recognition hardware. Does it have to be on an Arduino board or can it be on another board that the Arduino IDE works with?

I would recommend using a Wemos D1 Mini because it has a faster processor than most Arduino boards, and you will need the speed to do voice recognition. Some here like the ESP32 board, but other than a couple of single-purpose projects, I haven’t worked much with the ESP32.

maybe we can use the voice recognition module about this project… so the components used will be the arduino uno r3 board, voice recognition module, and a buzzer…
but to record the voice command we need usb to ttl/com module i guess? ive seen this on youtube, how to make voice commands… to control led light or servo… but i dont know how to do it with buzzer…

plss contact me here:

for faster communication…

You don’t need a “command”. Think of a secret word with perhaps two consonants and a single vowel. Should be easy to VR that.

with the voice recognition module… is it possible that others voice would be accepted, not only my voice and the doorbell will ring if the command is recognized?

Your testing will show if that is possible or not!

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The best Arduino to do this on is the Nano 33BLE sense, this has a built in microphone ready to go. On this you can run a system called Tensor Flow. This is an AI system that you can experiment with voice recognition.

However the false positives and negatives you inevitably get from these systems makes any real security impossible.

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Thanks. (That would get me downvoted on Stack). I have a telephone project in an escape room prop that I want to upgrade with VR, at least to know if the person is responding “yes” or “no”.

Thanks for this information, I have some projects in mind suits this solution of this board especially

please somebody make this project

That’s OK. Ask a moderator (use “flag”) to move this to “Gigs and Collaborations” and include some serious indication of what you propose to pay. :grin:

do voice recognition module recognizes anyones voice and once it will hear a any voice giving the exact command, will it work? like turn on? turn off? etc…

It works, but it has to be trained with the machine learning models using the natural language processing. Although you need to run the code in the suitable boards. As a beginner it is quite advanced level project

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