Web hosting recomendation

Hardly Arduino related but I will be using it to publish any projects Im working on.

Can anyone recomend a web host in the UK.
Id like it in the UK due to currency fluctuations.
Im finaly getting round to getting my own doamin and site.
Ive done a quick google and there are hundreds of companies but Ive got no idea who is reliable with a decent uptime.They all list different storage sizes and bandwidth.

Im looking for something that has or can have put on it a content management system.
Doesnt have to be as all singing and dancing as joomla.
I imagine I will need databse support for the cms.
Maybe even sub domains/multipe domains, so the kids can have some space on there as well.

Looking to spend up to £5.00 per month for something amazing but would prefer less than £4.00 per month for something that will do.



Not exactly UK, but in this global times the USA arent far away ;0)
I have been renting a webspace from Topclasshost.net for almost 5 years now. They are reliable and good. Only bad thing about them is that IF some problem happens it takes its time for them to solve it… but worst case was a server that did burn out - and that was replaced in just 2 days with backups almost from the moment of the server’s death.

hmm… i don’t know much about the uk, but I really wouldn’t worry about currency fluctuations. If you buy hosting for say 2 years you only pay for currency conversion once at first payment.

If you don’t mind this, take a look at site5.com. they currently have a promotion for unlimited bandwith, space , etc for $8 US a month.

I use them for all my sites and they’re great, they essentially virtual host mutiple sites on a server, so you are getting most of a dedicated server’s features - unique shell, etc.

I’ve used www.icdsoft.com since 2002. They’ve been absolutely fantastic in terms of service and reliability, they always answer support tickets within minutes and have gone way beyond what I expect (including once retreiving a database I accidently deleted from their backups, which is amazing for a $5/month plan).

They are based in Hong Kong and bill in US dollars.

Just for contrast, I also use 1and1.com which, I believe is UK based. 1and1 offers far more resources, for the same money (and has cheaper and more expensive plans), but their service is lacking, and realisitically, how much space/bandwidth are you going to use? The reason I use 1and1 at all is they support multiple domains on one account / one service plan, which icdsoft does not.

I use http://www.streamlinenet.co.uk/. UK based, great service, very reliable and very cheap! Have the full hosting package with multiple sub domains and SQL databases all included!

Thanks for the references.

Id prefer to pay in pounds sterling as the rate used to be nearly 2 dollars or euros to 1 pound now its about 1.5.
Over a year that adds up. Also while they all give 24/7 support theres always better support when its in your own time zone.

I had a look at 1and1 before, I dont think it had the mysql in the price band I was hoping for.

streamlinenet Power user package looks interesting.
Id have to set up the CMS system myself though.
Unless its hidden somewhere else in there blurb. Ill ask ome questions.
Some others Ive seen its just a matter of selecting the package from the management screens.
Sounds a bit lazy but I used to write that sort of stuff for a living and Id rather just get on with getting something online than spend my time building it all from scratch this time.


Avoid 1&1 like the plague. They were just about helpless if not rude for customer support and the much of the product never worked as advertised. I even had one of the higher end packages and towards the end, I could not put anything up because they had no idea how to fiix an ftp problem. I had a one year contract. Once it was over I ran. But even when I ran and moved all my domains, they still charged me for another year for each domain. When I called they would not respond to the question. I emailed and was finally told that they could not and would not issue a refund because the charge had already gone through. Wha?

I am now with Bluehost. I do not know if they are available in the UK or not. But they have been incredible for customer support and their rates are great. 200GB / Multiple domains and a whole host of free plug ins.

Ive gone with www.eukhost.com.
I had to ask a question about there services so emailed there support team on a Saturday afternoon not expecting to get a reply that day as I didnt have an account with them. I got a reply within 15minutes.

cPanel Linux Bronze with a domain and vat £45.99 a year.
Not the cheapest around but I was impressed with the sql and backup support.
They give a lot for the money as well. The number of applications and services that can be installed through a click of a link on the control panel is pretty impressive and its all supported. Loads of documentation and how toos once you sign up including video walk throughs.
Im a bit spoiled for choice so Im going to have to do some reading up on the several cms systems they offer as standard. Let alone all the other photo albums, scripts, blogs and other apps they offer.
Things have certainly moved on from when I first used a hosting service.
A couple of meg and a very restricted cgi setup.


recommend webhosting(dot)uk(dot)com
so far, my experience with them is quite good :slight_smile:

so far, my experience with them is quite good

One really has to wonder about someone who has a single forum posting that’s just to plug a service that doesn’t actually have anything to do with Arduino.

Maybe that was the first question they felt they could help with an answer to.


They felt compelled to register for a forum to post a webhost’s URL?

And all it says is they like the host. IF they’re going to go the trouble of registering, what do they like about it? At least let’s see a 1 paragraph mini-review like every other response here has included.