Webcam + Arduino Uno

Hai all I need some advice for i am a student and a newbie,

I have few questions about arduino uno. My objective is to connect webcam directly to arduino board (and for now i only have UNO) for a stand alone robot.

My questions are 1. is it possible with UNO or i need to get another board? 2. my webcam is a USB2.0. Is the camera compatible to use on any Arduino board ?

I searched and there are suggestion to use ArduCAM, and wiicam but i have already bought this webcam.

:confused: Thank you .

Hey Weidos,

I've been using a Arduino Yun with a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 and I've been streaming with it successfully. You can look up this post it's been the best post on that subject.

Hope it helps


Video: Arduino Yun and webcam controlled robot

Look at my project, I did a remote controlled car with webcam.
I used Arduino Yun, it has USB 2.0.