well synchronize serial communication between uno and nodemcu

i can do normal serial communication from Nodemcu to Uno
but what i trying to get is
it should receive data as soon as its generated by sender
in attached image u can see node mcu sending data lineraly (right serial monitor COM4) but its not accepted by uno (left serial monitor COM 3)
it will be helpful to me if anyone knows hot to achieve as per my reuirement
Thank you !

Note : 1.I tried with different baud rate (ofcourse same on both side on each trial)
2.It work well and in sync also ,when data is sent from uno to node mcu

is it possible to send data from uno to nodemcu wirelessly(without serial communication) as it required connection with computer port

Without seeing your sender and receiver code, only you know for sure. If your receiver is busy doing other things, then it may miss some of the communication.

what do mean "sending data lineraly" and "its not accepted"?

i don't know what the "XX"s on separate lines implies.

it might be more informative to send a bundle of information with a timestamp and seq number to at least verify the relative timing of the transmit and received data

You will need to post your send and receive code (using the upper left </> code tags) for it to be evaluated for issues.