What are Flying leads?

Good evening everyone I am in the process of assembling a TEA5767 FM Radio with IR control and 1.3in OLED Display, here is the link if you need more info that I may not have included,


and in the instructions it states

"The infra red receiver has three connections, Vcc, Gnd and signal. Connect the signal, or data out, to Arduino data pin 3 and Vcc and Gnd to Arduino 5 volts and Gnd. Connect a flying lead to Arduino digital pin 3, this will be used to switch the display to the IR decode display."

I am using an Arduino uno and it wants me to connect a "flying lead" to Arduino digital pin 3.

What is a flying lead and is there a difference between data pin 3 and digital pin 3 on the uno?

I googled "flying lead" and this was the first hit: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/what-are-flying-leads.744437/

Ain't google a wonderful thing? I'm surprised how many people that come to this forum have no clue how to use it.

I also googled it and that is also the first page I got. I was not real sure I understood what it said and you can't ask a web page questions about its content. I was hoping for someone to explain it in simple words that even I could understand.

It's got pictures and everything. What I got is that a flying lead just means hooking two things up with a wire instead of a trace on a board. How far down did you read?

Robotjam: What is a flying lead and is there a difference between data pin 3 and digital pin 3 on the uno?

That part is poorly written and I get the feeling there is a typo there. If you look at the picture at the top of the page it seems like the signal pin is connected to pin 2 (the green wire) and the "flying lead" is the orange one connected to pin 3. That is sort of confirmed in the code they link to because RECV_PIN is pin 2. Either way, there is no reason for them to add confusion by calling one a data pin and the other a digital pin.

As for the flying lead thing, others have already described it but it is just a wire that is available for interconnection between items. In your case it is only connected to ground when you want to enter the setup mode they talk about. At all other times, it is left unconnected and sort of "flying" around in mid air. Again, if you look at the code, pin 3 is set to INPUT_PULLUP so it requires a ground to activate. You could replace the lead with a toggle switch between pin 3 and ground and it would do the same thing.