What are Trasparent gels used for?

Hi, I didn't really know where to ask this, so i vent with a General Discussion. But i bought the Electronic Components from the arduino store to have something to make simple projects to begin with.

But i don't understand what the Transparent gels are used for. it's probably not important but i'm just curious what it is used for since it was in the pack?

To make a colour discriminator, using the LDRs? (I don't know, I don't have the kit)

Hi and welcome.

AWOL's educated guess is probably correct.

You can do some very interesting experiments using those gels, different types of LEDs and photoresistors. While you're at it, try as much combinations as possible, and learn a great deal ! So what can you measure if you send the light from a green LED through an other color gel, or the white LED or the same color LED/gel ? There's a lot of combinations you can try, and you can do multiple of those in one go, also something that will teach you something valuable. These are simple experiments that can keep you busy for an afternoon.

Typically spot-lights in stage productions.... But will work for LED's on a smaller scale too!!



It make more sence right now. To bad i manage to lose the red and blue gel. If i manage to find something later i will try to make something about that.

You can typically get transparent colored cellophane from arts and craft stores, as well as hobby shops. Photography/camera stores generally sell actual "gels" (as well as theatrical supply companies). Finally, plastics vendors that sell sheet acrylic will sometimes give you off-cuts if they have any; if not, a sample pack of colored transparent acrylic pieces usually don't cost much.