What battery should I use for this driver/motor

Hello.I have 2 of.these motors

Also,I have this driver in order to control my 2 motors.

I want to make a robot with these motors and I want to know what/how many battery/ies should I use in order to power my motors without damage motors or driver(cause says 10A).
I also want
I need your advice.
Thank you very much.

That is only the driver, the motor itself says it takes 28.5 Amps, so that driver is not suitable for your motor.

Agreed, the motor stall current is probably higher than 100 Amperes, and the driver will probably fail disastrously.

For now,I run my motor(1) using a transformer (24V and 1 or 2 Amps) and the speed of motor is good.So ,I don’t want to run my motors in 28Amps. Max 10A I guess is good.So?

If there is no load on the motor, it will draw very little current while running. Is your plan to use it with no load?

However, the start/stall current is drawn for a few milliseconds every time the motor starts up.

I 'm thinking to place wheels in the motors in order to move the robot

What do you suggest me to do?

You need to buy a motor driver than can handle the stall current of the motor. It won’t be cheap.

Or consider whether your robot really, really needs 2x500 Watt motors. Those are powerful enough to move a heavy person in a wheelchair up a ramp, if geared suitably.

As I said I don’t need so much current,because (for example) I have a transformer (24V and 1 or 2 Amps << 10A of driver) and the speed of motor (with no load) is high and the driver doesn’t get hot(because I have heat sinks ).So, I think the driver I mentioned ,it is a good choice if I don’t use so much current( 26A ).So, what battery do I need?

Go for a 3S 11.1V Lipo at least 2500mAh 20C. Rechargeable (with the right charger), plenty of current if you choose a good one. That will provide enough current to run the motors and probably enough to destroy the driver if you’re wrong about the current your motors will be taking when under load.

A 5V DC-DC converter from that will also run the Arduino (if you have one) and maybe other devices (if you have any).


As about driver is this a good choice?

If you put 24V across your motors, the instantaneous current will rise rapidly to 100A or so if the power source can supply it - you don’t get to choose stall current. The only way to prevent this is to use PWM (at a suitable frequency), and ramp it up to start the motor, not just set to 100%. (or have a current limited supply).

Yes,of course I use PWM.That’s the reason I use arduino/raspberry pi.
A 12V battery will be a good choice to run 2 motors (not at maximum speed)??


12V will work with a 24V motor, cutting the speed and stall current in half - is that what you are asking?

Yes,I want to know what battery(with high capacity) should I use in order to power my 2 motors (using PWM to control speed) without burn my (10A-(max 15A) ) driver and having high speed.

Am I clear?

Sorry no. You seem to suggesting that some sort of battery overload might be a solution to motors that require more current than you are prepared to give it.

I’m just saying if a 12V battery is a good choice to run my 2 motors(24V each) without burn my 10A driver AND having high speed.(So I ask what battery should I choose).

What you are saying makes no sense in the world of electronics. You can’t get over the fact that the stall current of your motor is going to kill your driver.