What if the arduino pro micro's micro interface is broken?

My English is very poor, sorry. My problem is that I accidentally broke the micro interface of Arduino Pro Micro. Can I still use it? If I can connect to a PC? thank you all.

I think that that depends on how much damage you have done to the board.

If the pads are still intact you could solder the micro USB socket back on but I've found that to be extremely difficult with a standard soldering iron because the pins are not very accessible. If you have a hot air SMT rework system then you could probably do it easily. A friend of mine broke the USB socket off his and asked me if I could fix it. After failing at soldering the socket on I decided to go to extremely hacky measures just to prove that it could be done. I soldered magnet wire to the pads, connecting those to a cut USB cable, then rigged up some strain relief on the cable so it wouldn't be so easy to rip the magnet wires off the board.

Another option would be to use an ISP programmer to upload sketches to the Pro Micro. You lose the keyboard/mouse emulation that is the primary feature of the Pro Micro but you can still use the IO pins.

Another option would be to flash the Optiboot bootloader to your Pro Micro with an ISP programmer, then connect a USB-TTL serial adapter to the Pro Micro. This allows you to do regular serial uploads over USB and use the same connection for serial communication but I don't think there are any existing hardware packages so you would need to compile Optiboot for the ATmega32U4 and write your boards.txt entry.

There's a good chance that it's not really worth all the work to end up with a hacked up board but that depends on how much your time is worth. It's also kind of fun sometimes just to see if you can get a broken device working again even if not economically sensible.