What interface is this device using?

Hello. I just purchased my first Arduino and I bought a sensor to play around with. It is a pressure sensor of the type BX-PSC19 made by the Chinese company Benxu.
The problem is I can't find any documentation about the sensor whatsoever.

On the manufacturers website it says "PSC19 can be easily amplified and assembled into the pressure transmitters with standard signal output." What is standard signal output?
The sensor has 4 wires, red, blue, yellow and white. Does this mean it might be using I2C? If so which wire does what?

PSC19 pressure sensor

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

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The COMPLETE unit uses a DIN 43650 connector.

Not sure why would buy something without being able to get a proper data sheet for it.
You may want to contact the manufacturer.

What are the markings on the side of it as they may provide a further clue.

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Red line input is positive, black line input is negative,White line output is positive, blue line output is negative

Red line input is positive, black line input is negative,White line output is positive, blue line output is negative

But there is no Black wire! :o

this link (from ali express as well) appear to have some decent infomation about the sensor though not its wiring!

for the information there, it appear that the output is a voltage ranging up to 150mV... so you may want to use an opamp to amplify it.

Assuming the infomation found by ballscrewbob is correct (except for 'black') then maybe a circuit like this connector to you arduino analog input could work (NO guarantee that this is correct though!)

I put 10V as supply for the sensor as this is the recommended voltage according to the link I found.