What is LeGuin and why do I have to have a miniuium of 15 character for this subject title?


In my user preferences I can select a Title, the options are.
Karma 1+

What is LeGuin, I have looked on Google about Disclosure and nothing is there. There is also a badge called LeGuin but again it does not say anything else.

Also I thought someone said that Karma is now likes (ie the heart someone clicks on your post to like), so should the Karma Title reflect the number of like from other people to you? If it stays at 1+ then it's a meaningless title.


These badges are based on your post count. They were around in the old forum in some form but some new ones were added with the switch to Discourse. You can see the old scale here:

And see the available badges in that class here:

You might notice that they are last names of prominent people in fields relevant to the Arduino project. Maybe you can guess what the significance of "LeGuin" is now.

We are promised to hear about the new scale "very soon":

It's a "binned" system. You can see the bins here:
so you're only 40 :heart:s away from a new karma badge.

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