What is Long Range RFID Reader that can i use?

Hello guys, im trying to make a long range rfid reader that can read passive rfid tag for distance 20cm to 30cm, but i couldn't found. I'm planning to use an Arduino Uno for this purpose. But I'm not sure of what reader module should I use, please give me a reference for this project, what rfid reader should i buy and what rfid tag, and ofc not as expensive as the parking system, im so open to all the discussion even if i should buy from other country, thank you so much

What frequency is your passive RFID tag designed for? When you know that, your search results may improve.

These videos may be of interest?

Okay, after i search i will 35mm Thin White Disk with 125 kHz, please give me some advice

Seems you are in uncharted territory, so plan on experimenting and failing a lot of times. Learn the physics of what works and what fails and why.

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