What is the best Pressure and Temperature sensor for pressured water??

Hi. Recently I am working on a project which measure and display the temperature and pressure of water tube ( Max Pressure - 3 bar; Max Temperature - 65 Celsius). Firstly a prototype has been built.

To measure the temperature I have used DS18B20 and it shows temp. values precisely.

But I couldn't find a good pressure sensor. Please help me with this issue.
(Is HK1100c pressure sensor good for this?)

Thank you.

Something like this?

Something like this?

Thank you very much. But with this kind of sensor could I able to measure and display the Temperature value too?

What will be the best way to gain a good accuracy?

  1. Using each sensor for Temperature and Pressure
  2. Using only one sensor for both

Sensors like that only do pressure, using 2 sensors is the best way IMHO.
To calibrate the pressure sensor, connect to Arduino analog input pin and read the ADC value at zero pressure, (let's say it's 100), apply maximum pressure and read the result (5 bar = 800) pressure will be (current result - zero result) / (max result - zero result) * max pressure.
Lets say , after calibration, you apply pressure and read result of 450, pressure would be, (450 - 100) = 350 / (800 - 100) = 0.5 * 5 = 2.5 bar.

I greatly appreciate your kind words. Um kind of new to arduino and again thanks for your help.