What is the difference between the gy-271 and the gy-273?

I'm looking to use a magnetometer for my project but i don't know whether to get GY-271 or the GY-273. What's the difference?

If you're wondering i'm going to be using it with an MPU-6050 and the RTIMULib-Arduino library to create an AHRS system.

What do the datasheets say?


Well, just by looking at pictures of both of them, the only difference i seem to notice is that the gy-273 has two drill holes whereas the gy-271 does not.

Reread #1.


I can't seem to find the datasheet for them. Idk i might just be retarded lul.

They both, apparently, use the same HMC5883L so it is perhaps not surprising that the few specs that I can find appear to be the same for the two units. The GY-273 has fewer additional components on the board than the GY-271. Other than that, I dunno what the difference is except at one supplier, the GY-273 costs half what the GY-271 does but the GY-273 is out of stock.


I'll have a look at the HMC5883L datasheet and see if i can find anything else. Thanks for your help!

Both include pullup resistors on the SDA and SCL lines but the reference voltage on the GY-273 is the internal 3.3 V whereas on the GY-271 the reference for pull up is Vcc. In both cases the pullup resistors are 4k7 Ohms.

It would seem to me that the GY-271 is a better option especially if using an Uno or Nano.

GY-273 diagram - https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8120/29584973591_7061f235b7_o.jpg

GY - 271 diagram is found in this doc -http://www.robotpark.com/image/data/PRO/91457/GY_271_ELECTRONIC_COMPASS.pdf

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