what is the footprint of this USB connector?

the datasheet is very short, http://www.on-shore.com/sites/default/files/manuals/usb-b1hsxx.pdf what is the footprint (code) of this one?

Not sure what you are asking. The footprint is on the data sheet, top right hand diagram.

What do you mean by:-

footprint (code)

Code are instructions you write and has nothing to do with a footprint.

Are you looking for a 'name' of the footprint so that you can select a ready made part from the library of a PCB drawing package?

You might need to create your own part, unless the component manufacturer can help out with the required data.

Back up a step - what design software are you using?

That looks like a standard USB connector which was very common when USB was first invented but seems to be not used any more.

It's apparently called a standard B connector.

My recent printer has one, so they appear to be still used.

A tip for making your own USB connector footprints (or any footprint, really): Create the footprint, put it on an empty pcb project, and print it out the way you would if etching your own board (scale set to 1 for actual size print-out with no stretching to fit the page). Then put the USB connector over the page and make sure everything lines up. It's a quick and easy way to make sure everything will line up, and you can easily test a bunch of them without wasting any PCB's on poorly aligned parts. I always do this with all parts before having a PCB etched, as this process is a heck of a lot faster than having a 1-off etched in china and shipped back.

CrossRoads: Back up a step - what design software are you using?

OrCAD CIS on each part properties there is a field called: PCB footprint