What is the metallic case on the GPS antenna for?

Hello guys! I've recently bought a GPS module: the NEO6Mv2. It comes with a 25mm ceramic antenna and this has some kind of metallic case on the back.
Could someone tell me its function? All i could see was people using it to solder the antenna to the board, but nothing else....

It's quite big for the place i have to install it, but if i solder off its case...it would fit. That's why im asking: and i'm also curious haha
Btw, thank you guys for your help. I'm just starting with electronics :sweat_smile:

Its a screening can, to limit interference getting onto the sensitve electronics on the back of the GPS antenna.

Screening cans are very common on RF devices.

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Hey! Thank you so much for your answer!

does it also act as the ground plane?

Hi jlessberg.
I don't believe it is necessary to attach it to the board. I think that's just a convenient place for it (but not for you).

Treat the antenna with care. It can be easily damaged. If damaged, the GPS may not generate satellite data. Never connect or disconnect it to the board with power applied to the board. It is easy to inadvertently short the two connectors of the cable. This might destroy it.

That tiny cable is easy to break where it is attached to the antenna. Once broken it is probably impossible to repair. Don't move the unit around with the antenna dangling from its cable.

Never use tools like pliers when attaching or detaching the tiny cable socket to the tiny plug on the board. That plug can be easily torn out of the board. Use fingers and fingernails. When detaching it, pull firmly with fingernails at right angles to the board.

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This pic shows what the plate is protecting. The cable has broken off the antenna on the right.

This pic shows the delicate cable connection. It's a coaxial cable with very fine wires. Very weak physical connection.

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I guess so, although as your pictures show, the PCB itself is mostly ground plane as well, so the metal shield wont be adding much to the ground plane .........

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Hi HillmanImp.
Thank you so much for your answer.
I've been warned about its sensitivity so many times haha, so far i had no problem but the cable looks really breakable tho.
Once again, thanks for all the advices. I take them.
Have a nice day!!

It is creating a Faraday shield, and the ground plane is part of it. It is imperfect because of the openings, but still acts to shield out (and in) the EMI.

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