What is the name of these pins?

Hi everyone.

I am trying to help my friend to buy that kind of pins (pictures attached) over Chinese sites.
But i don’t know how to search. Is there a special name for that kind of pins?

Thanks in advance.

Gold plated RC-style bullet connectors:

They come in various diameters for various current levels. You need heat-shrink
tubing to insulate them.

Thank you MarkT. This is what i was looking for.

What are these going to be use for?

Don't know exactly but i know that he is fixing textile machine boards.

I'm not sure that the item identified by Mark T is what you require. The ones he mentioned, are 2mm diameter, and are a generic type.

I think that the pins that you require are around 1mm diameter, and are specific to a particular type/family/ manufacturer of connectors.

You will be horrified to hear that the correct crimping tool for those pins will cost you around £300/$500.

crimping tool
and don't forget that you will also need the positioner.

.... or $5 including carriage from China.

Yes, 1mm for the male and 2mm for the female.

So, it seems its hard to find over Chinese sites.