What is the purpose 125AC and 28DC in relay module

Hi guys I just wanted to ask I'm confused in my relay module above it, it say 250AC and 30DC 10 amp basically this is the maximum that a relay can handle right. Now in the other side it above it, it also has 125AC and 28DC. May question is for what is the 125AC and 28DC does it mean the minimum requirements AC and DC of relay? Quite confusing thanks a lot.

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Relay contacts suffer differently from AC and DC.

Since 250 > 125 and 30 > 28 I can see why you are confused. So am I.

Anyone who needs or cares to know would go away happy with

 250VAC/10A  30VDC/10A


I suspect that different agencies measure the contact performance differently and the markings are mandated. The symbols above the ratings might show which agency mandated which markings.

The triangle is "TÜV Deutchland". The backward UR is "UL Recognized Component".

Confirmed @johnwasser‘s suspicion, unless the internet is wrong…

But I came across two questions

What are the five types of relays?


What are the three types of relays?

so I guess a bit more “research” for some day.


It looks like their message is "Limit is 10A" but regulation requires that they say it several ways. 125V AC may be to ensure that folks whose mains voltage is around there don't assume that a higher current is OK. It does seem odd to report 30 and 28 separately, so it's almost certain to be legislative.

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