What new widgets would you like?

This is the place where you can put requests for new dashboard widgets!

Which ones would you add? Or which features would you add to the existing ones?

Hi, Alranel,
the IOT cloud widgets are really nice!
Maybe a chart with multiple var values combined would be great for different sensor comparison.
the adjustable scale of each chart is ok for individual reading but when you have to compare, for example two or more thermometer readings it would be really useful to have them in the same chart with different coulours.
Thanks a lot!


Hi Again,
The widget download option makes downloadable a plain text file (txt or csv) file format with no extension that's ok, but inside each line of this file there are a "T" character after the date, before the time, and a "Z" character after the milliseconds and , that would be easier to have comma or tabs instead as is more direct to usual software to read tabs or comma separated values.

thanks §

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Thank you @Ale-X, the chart with multiple variables makes a lot of sense as it would be like the serial plotter we have in the IDE.

The timestamp format you're describing (with a "T" between date and time) is a standard called ISO8601, which can be parsed and converted easily in a script or a spreadsheet editor so probably is the most versatile representation that we can have. Splitting date and time in two columns would lose timezone, so I can't think about a simpler formatting :thinking:

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I would like to see some improvements to the existing widgets.

  • The Message Widget needs a control to clear the contents
  • The chart widget on the android app displays time in GMT rather than local timezone
  • I'd like to see the ability to choose colors for button and switch widgets (background etc.). It's pretty boring right now.
  • Android app loses connection after its open for a short while. Should either fix this or
    auto-close the app.
  • The dashboard webpage does not support less than 960px...which makes it annoying for
    looking at on your phone.
  • It would be nice if the historic data for a widget could be configured to auto download

All good points @jmdodd95682. Some of them are already in development, while others are definitely important to consider.

Can you elaborate a bit more on your last point? Where would you want to download historical data?

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I've tried using the IOT API DevicesV2TimeSeries to extract this data from a Thing, but it does not
seem to work. At least one other person is seeing the same problem. Having the ability
to analyze the historic data for things like temp sensors and flow sensors is really helpful.

So, I thought, we could program it through the Dashboard. Take a Value widget on the dashboard. On the Edit panel there would be an option to download to a file. You would
provide a frequency of download (e.g. every 7 days etc) and a Base filename which could have
a date extension added for each download.

Here's where my "brilliant" idea hits its first snag. Where the heck is this file? Here's some options:

  1. IOT Cloud would a fixed number of MB per user which can be used for downloads. Then add an API function which simply accesses and downloads this file via a Python script to a local client.
    Oldest data is auto-deleted from the users account as room is needed.

  2. User provides URL for cloud file service where the data can be downloaded. This would obviously require some sort of authorization/token mechanism or a user-name/password (less
    secure I'm guessing).

Had another thought on how to deliver the downloaded data. You could email it to the user as a .csv file attachment and have the user process it through a local script. This might be the simplest possible way to do this. Adding direct Cloud file service might be a later improvement.

I would like a text widget to be able to add static text. Used for adding details or instructions on how to use the app. The single line of text on widgets is not adequate to describe all the parameters.

Hi again, @Alranel, @jmdodd95682
This thread is really alive... as some of the subjects in this discussion are already functional !
the csv file is sent to the mail. and as said, data is easily parsed to an spreadsheet.
I have looking also the possibilities of data downloads and share so I've posted this message in another thread @ IOT cloud with no answers at all, I really don't want to cross post, but maybe is this thread initiated by Alranel seems more adequate as it could be a functionality of the widgets or the dashboard page.

I agree with you, I also think this could be really useful to have a text widget other than messages to allow some more static text field, like a read/write banner field

It would be really very appreciated! two or three sensors readings to compare at the same chart is a very frequent situation
A real graphical fast looking tool !


  • Maybe a “ menu selection”.

Then i can choose one of three options, for example.

  • And a “easy time scheduler”.

  • one easy way to share dashboard or projects. Or, how I can share my project to others easyly?


Hi @alranel Could it be possible to enable the possibility of downloading data to the users we already share the dashboard?
That would be really practical and makes a lot of sense to me, I really would like to let shared users this possibility as dashboards are now limited to see the charts or widgets, and even modify some read write values options.
just enabling the "i" to shared users
please let me know if this limitation is for any specific reason or security ...
many thanks in advance

A bar graph capable of showing multiple "thing" for comparison would be nice. At the moment, however, that can be done by downloading the .CSV files and post processing using MS Excel.

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I have a device that has an ammeter that can swing positive or negative depending on the direction of current flow to or from a battery. It would be nice if a widget could be configured so a needle/bar would be centered at zero and would swing positive or negative depending on distance from zero. I used a bar widget and set the range from -100 to 100 and zero current fills the bar to 50%.

Is there any chance to implement some sound widget that would play any predefined sound (and/or using vibration) alert on android/ios device in case of exceeding metric treshold in some variable related with current dashboard?

Multiple values on a chart would make a dashboard much more compact and allow a visual comparison. This would be my top request.
A log scale option on the vertical axis of the charts.
Bar charts.
Polar charts.
Others include:
A calendar widget.
A compass would be useful for displaying wind direction.
A weather widget would be great. To display weather conditions across time. Look at the weather forecast from, say, the BBC or Met Office for inspiration.
A moon phase widget.
A console widget for writing error messages.

Some control of the vertical axis of charts would be useful. I.e. Being able to set the minimum and maximum range or at least fix the origin.