What parts do I need for this project?

Hello everyone. I'm entering a competition and where I have to invent something that will improve the personal lives of people. Basically, I want to use Arduino to create a shopping basket that can scan items and pay using the basket, instead of waiting in line. My issue is, this will be the first time using Arduino (or any MC for the matter), so I need help creating a list of needed parts. I do know C++ pretty well though, so coding shouldn't be much of a hassle.

My budget is about $100 ish.

So far this is what I have:

Anything else needed? I feel like I'm missing some crucial equipment, but I'm not sure. Hardware isn't really my thing

It's not only the parts. It's also some system architecture, based on the requirements (e.g. how many products in the store, how many products in the basket, where is the product catalog located and how it is accessed etc.)

The barcode reader may read the code but you need to be able to access the database of the store to get the price. It is unlikely the store is going to allow this.

If it is a concept project, you may be able to select a representative shopping list and store their codes in an SD card.


not sure if this would help any but maybe a big bar code that goes across the whole product maybe a slim design so no matter what angle u put the item in the basket it scans once it goes in there im confusing i know big and slim and maybe a lcd display that tells u how much your total is and how many items and what items u have or could just tell the total and item amount

orjioke33: Hello everyone. I'm entering a competition

My issue is, this will be the first time using Arduino (or any MC for the matter),

This is a complex project. How long do you have to complete it ?

If you don't have any experience with an Arduino choosing suitable components won't be easy - be prepared for some mistakes.

For example you can't assume that things that work well on their own will work in combination - because they may both want access to the same Arduino resource - the same I/O pin (for example).

You need to develop each part of the project separately - bar-code, screen, keypad - and only integrate them when you can make them all work separately. Trying to build the project all at once will guarantee failure - especially if you have a short deadline.

You may find some useful stuff in planning and implementing a program