where I can Buy good smd components

Hello all Can someone tell me where I can find a good online shop where I can buy smd components(resistors, capacitors ...) at a good price in europe? I'm developing some pcbs and I want use smd components but in my local area I can just buy standard components. Any help

Oddly enough... I see plenty of them on eBay. :) try the uk version.

well I buy on ebay lots of parts but I believe for components it is not the best way to get them.Lets say I need 4 resistors of different values,on ebay I just can buy big quantities and I just need some.I found farnell uk but the shipment is a crazy amount of money, they want 20 € just for the shipment.

try rs I get free delivery :)

the components I've seen on eBay are not normally sold by the hundreds... and the shipping is, as far as I've seen cheaper than farnell.

Farnell and RS are great for prototyping quantities, but you do pay extra for the small quantities.

Have you tried RS?