where would I find the drivers for win 10 for the mega2560

Looking for drivers for the Mega2560 board. I only have directions for win 7. I am a complete beginner so I don't have a clue and what to do. Can someone help me?

It should be the same as Windows 7. {Arduino IDE installation folder}\drivers is where the driver for the Mega with the ATmega16U2 USB chip is. If you have a Mega clone with CH340 USB to serial chip then you need to download the driver from: http://www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER_EXE.html

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TuriusUSA: WOW, I didn't know that there are so many cheap knock offs to this stuff...

Sorry for my frustration, new to all this stuff... I was searching for a really good updated and complete electronics kit to learn from but didn't find any one set on amazon so I bought 4-5 of them... yes, It's the Uniroi Kit and I haven't a clue which USB it is I can't see any makings but am including a photo of the board...

If you know of a Windows 10 driver that would work for this board "I would REALLY appreciate it if you posted it here and on the "Driver for the MEGA2560 subject header...

Thank you Ken

Arduino boards like the Mega 2560 are open source hardware. That means Arduino provides the design files and schematics and anyone who wants can make and sell their own clone or variant as long as they don't put the Arduino logo on it. Some companies even make counterfeit Arduino boards with the logo and everything, though that seems to not be as common anymore.

Although it is good to support the Arduino project by buying official products, often the clone boards work well with no problems. You probably can't expect quite as good of quality control and customer service from the clone sellers. Most people on this forum are just as happy to help the owner of a clone as we are to help someone who bought an official Arduino product. We don't work for Arduino; we're here to help the Arduino community.

I don't see a picture. Maybe the attachment didn't work?