Which 16MHz oscillator is used on the Arduino Nano v3?

Hi guys,

Do you know which type (order code, source etc) is used on the Arduino Nano? It's a tiny part, smaller than the oscillator packages I found on the internet. So if someone could turn me in the right direction, I would be indepted.

Also reading the other threads dealing with a similar topic, do I need to include caps in combination with the 16MHz osc?

Thanks in advance!

I found in the meantime this link:

In this MOM the following part is referenced: CSTCE16M0V53-R0


The data sheet says that it already includes the load caps (15pF). I'm still searching for the package type/dimensions though...

Its a resonator, not an oscillator. Ceramic resonators integrate all the load capacitance needed, as opposed
to quartz crystals where they are provided externally (almost always).