Which display do you use with STM32?

Using Arduino libraries in STM32 CPUs is an interesting idea. I have a STM32H750 board which worked, but I had to stop developing it, because there are none such CPUs in stock. H750 and so on, are fast, clock frequencies can be around 400MHz. If only someone had any of them in stock.

But what display you people use, a 7" display sounds nice.
Would that library work with a 100 pin CPU.

Hi @LMI1,

I have a 7" TFT display with RA8875 from Waveshare (usable with SPI or parallel 16), and a 7" TFT with SSD1963 (parallel 16). You can see most of the TFT displays I have here: GxTFT/src/myTFTs at master · ZinggJM/GxTFT · GitHub. You can find links to the devices in these files, some are obsolete.
I don't know of any processor boards that directly match these parallel interfaces, but there are shields for DUE and MEGA.

I need to check use of GxTFT with the official STM32 package. There is a potential issue with pin number parameters: pin numbers of analog capable pins are too high to be interpreted positive as int8_t. The issue is present in GxIO_SPI, affects use of displays with SPI connection. This is not fixed in GitHub - ZinggJM/GFX_TFT: TFT Display Classes based on GFX_ROOT and GFX_Extensions.
There you can find the supported 16-bit TFTs in GFX_TFT_known_configurations.h.


The pin number issue is present at a lot more places in my TFT libraries. Only GxEPD2 has been fixed so far. The issue is also present in Adafruit_GFX in Adafruit_SPITFT, see:
fix: pin value can be higher than 127 so type should be uint8_t by fpistm · Pull Request #359 · adafruit/Adafruit-GFX-Library · GitHub


Libraries GxTFT and GFX_TFT and GFX_Extensions have been updated.

  • fix for STM32 official package pin number range (int16_t)
  • update of conditional compile conditions to macros of actual STM32 package

And I probably have to start using larger packages. My next goal was to put Ethernet into the board and that takes some pins.
ARM CPUs are an interesting challenge with their many optional peripherals.

Leif M

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