3.97" otm8009a display w/arduino mega

I am having the time of my life trying to figure out how to use this TFT screen with my arduino mega. I did the most stupid mistake and forgot to look up the display before buying it, and now I'm stuck. After looking for a couple of days for information on how to hook it up to my arduino mega (or Rasberry) I havent found a single thing except for the 400page data sheet. Thats why I'm reaching out to you guys in search for help. Basicly I dont really care how the screen will be hooked up, via a shield or directly with a ribbon cable, it doesn't matter aslong as it works.

Please help me, I am desperate.

It is simple. Just buy 21 level shifters for the TFT. And another 6 or 7 for Touch and SD.

Of course you could just use a proper 3.3V board like Due, Zero, M0, STM32, Teensy3.x, …

But hey-ho, people like making life difficult.
RaspberryPi does not have enough GPIO pins for any parallel TFT.


@sumfuk, @David,

This display is a candidate for a specific STM32F407 board.

See GxTFT/my_3.97_800x480_OTM8009A_STM32F407ZGM4_FSMC.h at master · ZinggJM/GxTFT · GitHub


The display seems to have a 17x2 header. If it matches a 17x2 female socket on a STM32 board, it would make life much easier.

Most Ebay STM32F407 boards have soldered headers already mounted.

This STM32F407 board has an empty 16x2 TFT footprint

I have never seen a board or shield that will mate with 17x2

Of course, punters are obsessed with using Arduinos that have 5V GPIO. This requires a lot external level shifters.



I was not able to copy the picture, but it has a 2x17 connector for TFT.



So, basicly theres no way I can use the display without buying 30 level shifters, a diffrent arduino, or a stm32?

I was quite hoping it was possible just to find a circuit diagram/pinout to the arduino and make an “adapter”…

But what I should do to get best results is to buy a stm32 and connect it to that? Does it work with the arduino ide, and does it have alot of memory? (as the intension of the screen is to use it as a “retroino” (making replicas of retro games)

Thanks for replies by the way! (:

It looks as if your screen will plug straight into the STM32407Z board from ZinggJM's link for $19 delivered from China.

Due clones are pretty cheap. But you would need to make an adapter from a Protoshield and custom headers.

ST provide an Arduino Core. Due has an Arduino Core. Teensy has an Arduino Core.
So everything should be easy to handle. And you would get support from this Forum.

If you are happy with making custom Adapters, you could choose any hardware platform that you want.
Personally I would stick with Arduino.


Well, I have no experience with arduino due. (and the stm32 I have barely heard of) however, as its not much of a price diffrence +-$5 ( I found one for $13) it ends up with what would be the most practical for me. As I have no problem making an adaptor as I have plenty of prototype pcb's and female and male headers. Thus, if theres no library for the due with the screen, and it has significally less memory than the stm32 I would rather choose the stm32 as its plug an play. (unless that if it isnt too much different than a rasberry or an arduino)...
If you understand what I mean. In other words, I would rather stick to arduino(as its the only experience I habe with coding and microprocessors) , but if theres more plusses than cons, and the cons arent too big I will prefer the stm32.

Do you know of any libraries, or a pinout/circuit diagram for the maybetobemade adapter (for arduino due) ?