Which sensor to use

How to increase the range of IR sensor which can detect human (IR) from around from 25cm I want to increase its detection range to 3 to 4 meters.i don't want PIR seniors bcz it's jst detect motion rather then that I want IR rays from human detection so I need such sensor which can detect humans for about 3 to 4 meters please help me out. :( :confused:

Thank you

What kind of IR sensor that detects at 25 cm are you talking about ? A IR temperature sensor ? So you want a IR temperature sensor (non-contact temperature sensor or pyrometer) for 3 to 4 meters range ?

You could try a thermal imaging camera with OpenCV recognition software. With a computer of course, that is not for an Arduino.

There are industrial pyrometers that can measure something a few meters away, but they cost above 1000 dollars. I don’t know if there is a cheap sensor that can be connected to an Arduino. Flir has a number of different types, but I can’t find a cheap sensor for longer range. I found this guy, but I can’t find a way to contact him.

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