Which SIM card for use in UK?


Anyone any experience of which SIM card is easy to purchase and more importantly works with the GSM Shield. I am new to the Arduino and having read some of this forum it would appear the greatest challenge is getting up on the GSM network.

Can I use the Telefonica SIM that came with the shield to connect to my Vodafone S5 Galaxy?

I am using the Arduino Uno and the quad band GSM Shield with integrated antenna.



Throw the Telefonica sim card away and get a prepay one instead.

For data I use Asda. For testing I use Vodafone. Whatever works in your area is also a consideration?


Thanks for the information, I am only looking at using the texting function bi-directional for a small OU project. Sorry for the late reply.



I am in America (USA) and I used telefonica SIM card. It takes almost 40 seconds to send data from my GSM to the webserver and I do not know if using a local SIM card from T-Mobile (For example) will reduce that delay.

Does anybody know which problem it causes to use a foreign SIM cards.

Many Thanks,