Why is library designated 'legacy'?

IDE 1.8.13

I get this addendum after compile.

This is Buxton's encoder library.  Who or what decided this is a legacy library?

The sketch works fine, no issues there. I'm just curious what this means.

I'm thinking, it's ten years old, it has all the bugs stomped out of it, he has moved on to other things, and he has no intention to alter or upgrade it.

This is a purely automated designation that is assigned due to the lack of a library.properties metadata file:

It's a technical description of the library type, not a judgement of the quality of the code or maintainership. The library metadata system was added in Arduino IDE 1.5. Before that, there was no such thing as a library.properties file. So the "legacy" is referring to the fact that the build system must internally generate the required metadata to provide backwards compatibility with these libraries.

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Thanks @pert!

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