wich one?

soo i was locking in the arduino web page but there is so many of them, and so many diferent prices, i want an arduino just to control a servo and a timer with a lcd i heard that i need a very simple one, any recomendations??

For a starter, or projects that do not require a large amount of pins. I would recommend getting the Arduino Uno. It is a great way to get into the world of Arduinos and microcontrollers.

I agree, i think the uno is good for many projects. You could call it a multipurpose arduino.

If you don't know pick a Uno :)

It even rhymes in some dialects of English!

Buying one with the larger rectangular DIP-IC is probably better as one with small square SMD IC. When you should accidentally fry your arduino, you can replace a DIP-IC easily. Replacing a SMD-chip is possible as well, but requires solder skills, the chance of ruining copper traces is also quite high.

I think you should start with UNO then you can always shrink your projects with other suitable Arduinos like Pro Mini, Micro, Nano, even bare Atmel chips like Atmega and Attiny Series. Mind there is learning curve about Microprocessors (Microcontrollers) if you are a hobbyist like me. And when you learn electronics in time maybe you don't even use a microprocessor for example I started my Kitchen Led Lightning system with UNO which features A PIR (Motion) sensor, a LDR (Light Depented Resistor), and Fade In and Out Led Strip and I shrinked whole project to simple Electronics parts which features A MOSFET, A Voltage Regulator, Capacitors and Resistors.


I suggest you buy an official UNO to start. it helps the community and if you get an official UNO and not a copy, you know it will work.

It is great for all testing after that.

Once you have figured out your minimum requirements, you can down-size for the project.

Also the UNO will accept the shields, so you can add on very easily.

if you go with any of the smaller versions, you have to have use your own boards or have wires all over.

as an overview, there are about 4 major divisions.

the UNO is the general use one with 14 pins that can be inputs or outputs.

you can reduce the project to a tiny chip with 3-5 I/O lines and shrink your footprint, if you can live with just a few pins.

up from the UNO is the MEGA that has 54 I/O pins, so it has a HUGE increase. it has more memory, so it is an UNO with more pins and more memory.

the next tier up is the new DUO, that has an entirely different approach, has twin chips and runs faster. almost like a different platform.

There is a chip/board between these two that has more pins the 1284P chip has more memory and more pins than the UNO but not as many as the Mega.

there are also quite a few non-mainstream boards, but very useful.

IMHO, it is best to have at least one official UNO, then get the board you need for the project(s)


the UNO is the general use one with 14 pins that can be inputs or outputs.

Dont forget the analog pins too.