Wifi 4-8 Zone Temperature|Humidity Recording

Hi folks,

I am new to Arduino. I have a project that would be fun and useful to me. I have a 75 gallon terrarium with amphibians that need a variety of micro climates. I'd like to take temp and humidity measurements from as few as 4 or up to 8 different places and then send the values wirelessly to a server in my home.

I have seen a lot of similar projects on the web. My question has more to do with whether folks think this is a doable first project. I do not have a background in electronics and have no idea (yet) how to draw a proper schematic but I do have a software and physics background. From some quick searching it looks like I could accomplish my goal with an Arduino MKR1000 or MKR1010, a handful of DHT22 temperature/humidity sensors, and the necessary wires, resistors, etc. I'd like to power it from the wall to avoid having to replace batteries.