wifi Second timer

i wanted to make 2 timers that count up by the seconds. very simple but gets more complicated. these 2 counters need to keep counting up and have a maximum capacity at 1 billion seconds. they need to be connected by WiFi so if i stop one by clicking a button the other one also freezes at the same exact second. it needs to have a nice led display. also if i can make it so if i click one of the counters, the other one will like turn on a signal light. i know how weird of a request this sounds like (and its also my first ever project)
so i really hope someone can tell me if this is even possible and to please set me on the right track.

So you need these to run for 31+ years? Seems like a long time.

It also seems like a very ambitious first project.

I'd start by getting one arduino (Uno/Nano/etc.) and figure out how to can count seconds and just display it on the Serial Monitor.

Then maybe get a LCD display and figure out how to get your counter working on it.

Then figure out how to use a button (some LCD displays have buttons built in, some do not) and get that working. Make the button start/stop the display

After all that, then dive into the world of WiFi (or maybe bluetooth). There will be issues of syncing these two timers since arduinos don't run at the exact same speed and they will drift apart, especially over 31+ years.

Well it be feasible in the long run? And is there any apps to use to help me learn Coding? I need this project finished fast in the next few months.
It won’t need to run for 31 plus years. The timer will be starting at around 97 million seconds but I still do need to to run for a long time without any error. And is Arduino the best option for syncing up 2 over WiFi to keep the same exact time if one stops, or is there another platform I can use to design something different.

“And is Arduino the best option for syncing up 2 over WiFi to keep the same exact time if one stops,”

You might consider using the internet time servers or gps satellites to keep both devices running on the same time.