WiFiNINA firmware check fails looking for firmware version 1.2.1

I have run through the WiFiNINA firmware updater for the MKR Vidor 4000 and once the firmware has been update, if I run the CheckFirmwareVersion sketch it reports an error and is expecting FW version 1.2.0. The most recent FW rev available from the Firmware Updater for the Vidor 4000 is 1.1.0 with no 1.2.0 listed. I am running with Arduino IDE version 1.8.9 on Windows 10 with all current Libraries and Board Manager updates, so I am not sure if this requires an update to the IDE or not.

This is what the CheckFirmwareVersion sketch is reporting.

WiFiNINA firmware check.

Firmware version installed: 1.1.0
Latest firmware version available : 1.2.1

Check result: NOT PASSED
 - The firmware version on the module do not match the
   version required by the library, you may experience
   issues or failures.

Although newer versions of the WiFiNINA firmware are available for other boards, 1.1.0 is indeed the most recent version available of the WiFiNINA firmware for the MKR Vidor 4000:

The code in the WiFiNINA library failed to take that into account for the firmware version checks. I have submitted a pull request to fix this problem:

So don't worry about what the firmware version check tells you. You have the newest version of the WiFiNINA firmware installed for your MKR Vidor 4000.

I realized there are two possible reasons to run the CheckFirmware sketch:

  • Determine whether there is a newer version of the firmware available.
  • Determine whether the version of the firmware you have installed is compatible with the version of the WiFiNINA library you have installed.

As I already said, you have the newest version of the firmware available for the Vidor, so the sketch is wrong to say otherwise.

The problem is, although the sketch says "Latest firmware version available", it really means "Firmware version your installed version of the WiFiNINA library was written for". It doesn't actually make sense for the sketch to tell you the latest firmware version available because it has no way of knowing this. The truth is that if you install the hourly or beta versions of the Arduino IDE, you'll find that there are also 1.2.2, 1.2.3 versions of the firmware available for MKR WiFi 1010 and Uno WiFi Rev2. There is even a 64 bit test build available that has a 1.2.4 firmware version available for those boards (but 1.1.0 is still the newest firmware version for Vidor).

So there is a question whether it's a good idea to use WiFiNINA library version 1.4.0 with a MKR Vidor 4000 running WiFiNINA firmware version 1.1.0. It might be better to use an older version of the library that was written for that firmware version. A browse through the release history of the library indicates that would likely be library version 1.2.0 (which doesn't indicate which firmware version it was written for), since library version 1.3.0 says it's for firmware version 1.2.0.

My concern was that the sketch was failing for the MKR Vidor 4000; in this instance I am not interested in what is or is not valid for other boards. I have the latest hourly IDE as of last night and it still fails.

Also, i do not need a lecture regard why or why not to run the CheckFirmwareVersion sketch.

The sketch uses WIFI_FIRMWARE_LATEST_VERSION thus the code should be aware of the type of board it is checking the firmware for. If not , then it is broken.

As I mentioned in another post I really would appreciate if you did not respond to anything I post here.

I beg your forgiveness for making the terrible mistake of trying to help you once more. I only did so because I didn't notice who made the post. If I had noticed then I would have certainly avoided any interaction with you.


I suppose I am being bit too harsh and unfair with regards to interpreting your responses. I suspect your posts are done with good intentions and are to only help as you state.

Thus, perhaps the appropriate response from me should be thank you for taking the time to read my post and for providing your input.