wii joystick

so if anyone read my last post about my sentry gun, they’d know that i have no idea what i’m doing. i recently decided that i didn’t like the performance i was getting from the wii nunchuck accelerometer, and decided to completely disregard it and use the joystick instead. what i need to know is how to use the joystick to control a servo, possibly a modification of the code posted here. also, i’m going to need to use the c and z buttons, but i can figure that one out.

Doesn't the normal wii chuck library servo sketch already work with the joystick by holding the z button?

i dont think so, but even if it did, i need to use the z button for other things. do you have a code that works like that? i feel like that would be easy enough to modify.

Install the wii nun-chuck library and the example sketch should be a good start for you I assume.