will this Capacitor work for Decoupling ?

I am following the tutorial for the stand alone arduino on a breadboard. Just wondering if these capacitors from radio shack would work for Decoupling at the voltage regulator. I will be using a 9-12 volt unregulated power supply. The tutorial calls for two 10uf capacitors. I found these at radio shack

10mf 50v radial. Is this the correct capacitor?

hee hee it'll smooth - if you can ever get it charged
that is one huuuuuuuuge capacitor

smoothing is normally a few 10s of microFarad
that is 10 milliFarad

so about 1000 times bigger than you need

OTOH get it charged, you could run the 'duino for several seconds without anypower input at all!

actually looking at the site
it seems they are all listed as MF

I suspect that it'll be ok after all
just get them to confirm it is microFarad (uF) and not milliFarad!

Until about 45 years ago, it was common to use "mF" as an abbreviation for microfarads. Then manufacturers and suppliers switched to using "uF" because 'm' is the SI prefix for milli and 'u' is the SI prefix for micro. It appears that certain suppliers take a long time to catch up.

I assumed it was microfarad i was just concerned about the 50volt rating

i was just concerned about the 50volt rating

That is the maximum it will take. It is fine to give it less.