Win10 no longer detects any arduino

So, I've been programming arduinos (esp using usb serial, esp32 dev board, node mcu, uno) and yesterday when trying to connect on my windows machine i found that none of them will respond when plugged in via usb for programming) the esp doesn't even show more than a brief flash of the red led, the esp32 dev board, a brief flash of blue led.
After researching and trying a few things, including reinstalling arduino ide and usb drivers, nothing has changed (everything still dead).
Thinking something on my laptop maybe be hinky, I went to my desktop and unfortunately it's exactly the same.
Which leads me to think something in a recent update has messed something up on both machines.
Any ideas?

Try a different USB cable. Yours might be damaged or not able to provide enough current.

After my last win10 update, my arduino ide will not load. I downloaded the latest arduino-1.8.8-windows.exe. Executing the file, it told me to delete the version that was on my drive. I did so and then the arduino 1.8.8 was downloaded to my drive. When I executed the arduino file, the window popped up and the ide began to initialize and then began reading boards. it stopped and the arduino screen disappeared. Nothing else happened. I ran the troubleshooter and it told me there were incomplete files.

How do I get this ide to work correctly???

Please run the file arduino_debug.exe, which you will find in the Arduino IDE installation folder, from the command line, then copy and paste the full output in a reply here. Hopefully that will give us some information we can use to help you with the problem.