Winged Wire Connector


Basically I have this new project which has 5 wires that need to go to the ground and I don’t want to solder it neither use a breadboard.

Has anyone ever use those winged wire connector we use on light ?

If not, please tell me why it’s a good or bad idea.


Yeah, I've used them. There's nothing wrong with them except they are bulky for an "electronics project". Obviously they are reliable because they are used in house wiring where they "last forever".

They are commonly called "wire nuts" and you can get them at hardware stores, home improvement stores, and maybe at auto parts stores. (They don't always have "wings".)

Wire nuts are usually used for wires larger than commonly used in hobby projects. You can use wire nuts if you can find grey or blue ones. The nut colors used to be pretty standardized. The smallest is (usually) gray, which is suitable for two to four #22 gauge wires. The next size is (likely) blue which can hold 3- to six #22 wires.

This connector may be more suited to your needs. It can handle wires as small as #28 or as large as #14.