Wiper motor on Arduino Motor Shield?


would like to run a wiper motor on a shield to reduce speed and direction.

Possible? THX

I do not speak German, but even I can see that is a washer pump, not a wiper motor.

The Arduino motor shield is good for 2A maximum per channel. What is the stall current of that motor? I imagine that the stall current of that wiper motor is more than 2A. More like 10A or more is my guess.

What ever driver you use it must be able to handle the stall current. Pololu has a good line of modern motor drivers that are superior to the Arduino motor shield with the ancient and inefficient L298 driver.

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No no, that is a wiper motor, the motor is inside the black metal part, and transmission in the lighter cast Alu part.

Those motors aren't meant to be used like that. Pretty sure that the side to side mechanics are in the gear, and they usually come with 2 speed, depending on where the wire that gets power goes into the coil. I'm sure it's possible to do what you want, but personally i would not go beyond a relay.

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Wiper motors pull a lot of current, If my memory is close it will be about 28 amps. There is a low cost bridge for the Arduino called the BTS7960. It will probably work but this is a guess as I do not have the motor information.

Wischermotoren ziehen viel Strom, wenn mein Gedächtnis nah ist, werden es ungefähr 28 Ampere sein. Es gibt eine kostengünstige Bridge für den Arduino namens BTS7960. Es wird wahrscheinlich funktionieren, aber dies ist eine Vermutung, da ich keine Motorinformationen habe.

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Near about 20A I heard.
The Arduino Shield is able of 4A with external supply. Does it shoot itselve, otherwise it could be enough to run the motor.
The motor just turns a wheel and should not need much power.

I will give the BTS7960 a chance :slight_smile:

First try, is running via Arduino Motor Shield.
Only the power supply is insufficient :wink:

Not really, you never want to be at the absolute maximum rating, but below it by a nice margin, say 1.5A or so. I think you can parallel the L298 outputs of the motor shield though, although I suspect this motor is too beefy - you need to find the stall current...

I am actually thinking about a Relais Shield on the arduino, to switch the power.
Inside the powerline there will be a PWM to reduce the speed.
I do not need to change speed during travel, just a simple machine.
What is the stall current?
Blocking, standing still Current?

If the motor is only doing light work, why have you chosen such a powerful motor?

Wenn der Motor nur leichte Arbeiten verrichtet, warum haben Sie sich dann fĂĽr einen so leistungsstarken Motor entschieden?

Stall current is the locked rotor current. The motor also draws stall current, briefly, every time that the motor starts.

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