wireless audio

Hello, I'm a newbie and have a few questions. I am interested in building a sonic installation in a public park. I would like to use IR sensors to detect proximity of people to trigger a behavior of pre-recorded audio playback through speakers.

I have done an arduino sketch, but it was attached to my computer. I would like to create the finished product wirelessly.

Are there any suggestions for what I am thinking?

Thank you!

Sure - hook arduino with bhagman's MP3 shield and your sensors, run the audio into an amplifier so it can be heard above traffic.
What part do you want wireless?

Hello, and thank you for the reply.
Since this would be in a place w/out power, I would need all of it to work wirelessly.
Sensor to microcontroller, to behaviour.

So you really need 2 microcontrollers talking to each other.
The sensor tells micro1when proximity is met, micro1 sends a message to micro2 which is colocated with the sound creation/amp to play the sounds.
How far apart is the sensor and sound source?

depending on distance
you can use
or FM Radio Transmitter Breakout- NS73M - WRL-08482 - SparkFun Electronics

Im hoping this person comes back to clarify things, i was actually looking forward to reading the outcome of this, seems like a pretty cool idea.
Make one of those old school car alarms "Protected by Viper, stand back" when someone approaches my room. seems simple enough though, since my computer is always on, just use 2 Arduinos some Xbees or even cheaper RF links , a motion or laser"type" of detector and send the signal to a listening Arduino at my computer and blast the sound :slight_smile: , because in my house knocking is not a habbit :confused: