Wireless connection between parts and my Arduino?

Yo people!

I am quite new here in the forum.

I combined some parts to a program what simulates a lighting for our floor in our home.
It functions well.

But in the case I want to really realize it with a light sensor, a move sensor and an led stripe, I have thought about how I do it without using many cabling.
I would definetely connect the led stripe directly on a board, what can stand enough current in connection with the Arduino, the stripe is anyway long enough.
But the sensors should be in the middle of the floor, the arduino is at one of the entries of the floor. So it would be nice, if I can connect the sensors wirelessly with the arduino.

I do not want to connect them directly with the arduino, install arduino near them and use a remote control because the arduino also have a display. When I install the arduino near the sensors, cannot read the display text, because it would hang on the ceilling. XD

Do anyone have an idea what I could do, to realize it?

I reckon you will need an Arduino + wireless attached to the sensor so it can send a message to the other Arduino. One option for the wireless would be nRF24L01+ modules.

Or you could attach the sensor to an ESP8266 (or ESP32) which have WiFi built in and could send messages to another ESP8266 attached to the main Arduino.

I have have misunderstood your requirement then maybe it would help if you can post a diagram of what you want to achieve.

If you are not familiar with web programming then the nRF24 option might be simpler.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial
Very basic ESP-NOW tutorial.