Wireless SMPTE Reader

Hello All! I am a newbie at working with the Arduino, but I have some big goals. I am hopping the community can assist me with them! My first major endeavor is creating a SMPTE Timecode Reader that is able to read SMPTE broadcast over a wireless microphone system and display the values on an LCD display. I work at a location that uses SMPTE for several live entertainment productions, and as a tech it's sometimes nice to know where the show is in SMPTE-time to asses if you can change/fix issues that arise. We're not always in the booth, and don't always have access to a ClearCom. I know I need to a.) find the frequency the SMPTE is broadcast on; b.) determine if the Tx is digital or analog; and c.) determine if there is a specific digital protocol the Tx unit uses if it is digital. I can access this information fairly easily, but I work at multiple venues that use different systems. I have seen some posts for SMPTE through searching, but I haven't seen much in the way of wireless SMPTE. If someone can help me find a starting point, I would be much appreciative. Thank You! Andrew

do you have any reference to SMPTE protocols etc. I've never heard of it...

There are some good references from Wikipedia.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMPTE_timecode For Live Entertainment, we generally use LTC which is the audio equivalent of SMPTE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_timecode

It's essentially a protocol built upon SMPTE 12M without the video component and stored strictly as an audio file. The file is played back over XLR networks to entertainment devices that can decode the Timecode and "sync" for a show (automated pyrotechnics, lighting, video, and sound). :)