Wiring multi LEDs> >> help please

can anyone point me a circuit diagram of wiring multi LEDs to arduino.

like 4-5 LEDs. regular LEDs.

do i need lil circuit board?

Just wire them like a single LED but do it four times with it going to a different pin each time. You need an LED and resistor for each pin. Wire the pin to the resistor, the other end of the resistor to the long lead of the LED and the other end of the LED to ground. Then in software set those pins to be outputs. Don't use pins 0 & 1 they are for serial communications start at pin 2.



take a look at project "CIRC-02" Multiple LEDs.

what kind of resistor?

A quarter or eighth watt wire ended carbon resistor.

Oh ok any sort actually.

You will need to calculate the resistor value. Depending on the mA rating of your LED, the voltage of the led, and the supply voltage you will be delivering each led.

If you dont know how to caluclate that, google "LED resistor calculator" and you will surely find something.

If you fail to provide the resistor, you might just get a single bright flash from your LED as it melts. Which can be cool, untill you have to keep replacing them.