WS-128 Amber Embedded Web Server and ISP-10 programmer

I just ran across an 'SOC Machines Inc" "WS-128 Amber Atmel AVR Ethernet Embedded Web Server Kit V1.2" and an "ISP-10 parallel Programming Adapter". I bought them in 2007 and never removed them from their envelopes.

The WS-128 has a serial port and an Ethernet port. The programmer has a parallel port and a 10 pin 2x5 flat ribbon connector.

I have the original documentation and receipt. ATmega128 is mentioned.

Has anyone heard of these and do either of these have any value? Maybe there is no connection with Arduino.


I haven't heard of these specifically but have seen references to programmers using a PC's parallel interface. But even in 2007 they must have been going away as USB had been around nearly a decade. I imagine the webserver would still be capable of doing simple things, but there are far easier ways to do this for a very low price too.

Cheers ! Geoff

Thanks Geoff,

I assume I bought those things before Arduino came along. I bought several other such things as well (stamp, site player, webcontrol).

But like you say, Arduinos are very inexpensive and there is immeasurable support for them. Makes little sense to try to resurrect this stuff I bought nine years ago with parallel and serial ports that are no longer supported on the computers I have.

I am wondering whether there is a chance the ISP-10 parallel adapter could access the full memory of the Mega 2560. If it could, I would find a parallel port card for a PC I have.