Xbee Pro with Relays

Hi there. I bought this Xbee Pro Module (10mW)


I am doing different experiments using these two Xbee Pro Modules. I was wondering if i can find a relay to these Xbee Pro Modules so that i can increase the range of communication. I know i can buy an Xbee Pro Module which has a range of 1.5miles but the thing is that i need to do some experiments using "No Line of Sight" (Building, Trees etc as hurdles), so i was thinking of using a Relay device inbetween two Xbee Modules so that i can bridge the communication.

Is there any Relay available for Xbee Pro?

all you need is another one and you need to configure it as coordinator or configure all of them as mesh network (if they are compatible) you can find a lot of information on digi's forum

thank you for your kind reply.

Is there any Tutorial available for configuring these 3 Xbee Pro modules?

I want to configure 1 as Coordinator, 1 as Router and 1 as End Device. How can i configure these so that Coordinator can communicate with End Device using Router.

what version are they?

Digi XBee PRO

Modem: XBP24 Firmware: 10EG

try setting all xbees in the same network and setting one as coordinator through X-CTU

I ll try doing that and post my feedback, thanks for the help

Well i have tried changing my modules to Coordinator, Router and End Device. The problem is, there are options of Coordinator and End Device in XCTU Software but there is no option of setting a module as Router (Relay). What arrangements do i need?

Should i Set one as Coordinator and other 2 as End Devices? Will it suffice the purpose?

Let me rephrase my needs again.

I want to send some data from Coordinator to Router, then Router sends the same data to End Device. The End Device after doing some calculations, sends the Data to Router and Router sends the same data to Coordinator. So basically Router is just a range extender working as a bridge between Coordinator and End Device.

Advice Please

i would try first setting one as Coordinator and other 2 as End Devices and if that doesn't work i would try changing the firmware to digimash and set a mesh network between all the three

Tried setting one as Coordinator and others as End Device with all other functions as default (no change at all) but communication is not working.

Do i have to put it to Broadcast mode? Or Unicast mode will work?

thanks for your help

if i know correctly you also need to set all of them in the same pan network and use api mode with direct addressing

Yes PANID is same for all the module, not too sure if i have to use API mode or not as i have done some research and lots of people are having problem with API mode, as they say AT works far better.

I am gonna give a try to DigiMesh now, lets see.