Xbee Sketch Issue

Hi, I am developing a sketch of a communication between 5 Xbees S1, 4 of them are connected to an Arduino FIO Board and its 3V7 power source, the other one is connected to an Arduino UNO R3 with two shields (xbee shield https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10854 and micro sd shield https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9802).

The aim of the project is to show in a 20x4 LCD Display values obtained from 4 air pressure sensors (each one connected to an Arduino FIO Board)

The codes are in pastebindotcom because it said that the post exceeded the number of characters, and they are:

For the receiver:

For the transmitter:

In the transmitter the value changes from A to D for the inByte ==‘value’

I tested the sketch using potentiometers using the A1, GND and the 3V3 pins of each Arduino FIO Board. I had some issues about my it, the values got reflected between them (for example the third value goes to an X value but it eventually displays the fourth value, and all of them have the same issue), and the total sequence takes about 6 seconds to display the values.

I also have just purchased an Arduino Wireless SD Shield http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWirelessShield but I have no idea how to develop the code for it. I have been looking for information about it but the info I found just shows some configurations not the creation of a sketch. The code I have posted got developed by me and a friend, but it was really difficult for us to do it because we are beginners in Arduino and in Programming. And at this point we got stuck in the developing of the sketch.

So If it is possible for any of you to help me giving me a clue about any change in the code or in the hardware it would be just great.

I hope you can help me, thanks in advance for your attention and your help. I’m sorry for my bad English.