XY Plotter automatisation

Hi every one! :slight_smile:

I’m working an art installation that draw maps all day. I’m using a Makeblock XY Plotter V2.0 (Arduino Leonardo) with a raspberry pi B with raspbian. Arduino sketch is working (gCode interpreter included).

I’m using on RBi a processing (framework) app (GRemote) to load and execute a graphic gCode file (.nc), all is going well =)

My problem:

→ I need to schedule drawing sequence (every 5 minutes). I was thinking about executing scripts from crontab, but processing (java) need a GUI to run. I don’t know how to schedule task in the x.session running. Maybe i’ve to use python or something else to order my plotter without GUI. But, i’m a novice… ::slight_smile:

If you have any suggestion, i’ll be very happy! :smiley: