ZMPT101B Calibration Without trim pot


I'm wondering if it is possible to calibrate the AC voltage sensor ZMPT101B without using the trim pot?

I would like to integrate this sensor to my project so I can read the AC voltage with the atmega2560 microcontroller. This project is intended to be scalable so it is gonna be complicated if a calibration is needed for each board.

I'm planning to read voltages between 0-220VA @50Hz. It is possible to use a fixed resistor for this porpuse?

Any idea would be helpfull.

I found this document where they use a polynomial ecuation to calibrate the sensor but I think they use the trim pot to set the offset. Can I use a digital potentiometer to set the offset to 512ADC with the voltage in 0 and then be able to use their formula?

Thanks before hand.