1.3" OLED screen displaying 'tv static'

I have a 1.3" OLED display hooked up to an arduino UNO and for some reason the screen displays something similar to tv static when I run the ssd1306_128x64 Adafruit Library. The majority of the display has this except for around 16 or so pixels which display part of the animation. I'm not sure what is wrong but I can move the 'working' part of the display up and down the screen by changing the height defined in the sample file.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Post a link to the actual display that you bought. e.g. Ebay Sale page.

Most 1.3 inch are SH1106

Here is a picture of what is going on.

I got it off of banggood, here is the link

Reading the description I noticed it is SH1106, but when I look that up there does not seem to be much support for this. Am I just SOL here?

Your link does not work.

U8g2lib supports SH1106 (and almost every other controller)

Sorry was trying to make it less ugly here it is

From your link:

Control chip: SSH1106

They have not even spelled it correctly.

From your link:
They have not even spelled it correctly.

Ah, that clears things up I wouldn't have figured that out. Thank you for the help it's working now.