12c 0.96' OLED display became hot when connected to Arduino uno

Hiiii!! I just bought this OLED display(12c 0.96’) from local store , just to test I connected it’s vcc and ground to my Arduino Uno board vcc 3.3v and gnd pin and it became toooo hot that it’s interfacing wires to display looks like burned ! (I’ve attached a picture of it ) I am new to this type of displays ! Will this display work ?Please see the image . And if not then anyone can explain why this happened so I’ll take measures from next time !

The most likely explanation is that Vcc and ground were connected backwards.

May be the pin configuration they provided is wrong??

I remember seeing something about mislabeled displays, recently, but do not remember if it pertained to that particular type of display.

Will it work even after this ??

The labels on the display are in the expected order. GND, VCC, etc is the common ordering.

Hope you didn't pay too much for it because what causes that kind of heat is too much voltage or a short.

Those displays are $2 each near wholesale price and I've never had that kind of issue with them.

Usually things just don't turn on when you wire them up backwards when dealing with low voltage and low current circuits.

Electronic components are super expensive here in India. I bought this for 400rs means $5.6
Whatever, anyone know why this things are so expensive here??

There are a lot of reasons for markup.

Check to see what you could buy them for at aliexpress.com

In the US, if you buy them from US suppliers like adafruit.com they want $20 for them which is completely absurd.

If you want the lowest prices for parts you have to get as close to the manufacturer as possible. Everything is made in China anyway.