2.0 select port

How do I select a port in 2.0? I am trying to use a ftdi port.

Windows 10
Sparkfun Thing

I guess there is more to your question than you have shown. I have beta7 installed and it should be under tools -> port.

I tried my SparkFun Redboard (with FTDI232 chip) in IDE 2.0B7 and could not find the board; also could not find it in IDE 1.8.5. Verified in Windows device manager; initially there was an error (it used to work before with IDE 1.8.5 but I did not use the board for a while). I downloaded the VCP drivers (VCP Drivers - FTDI), unzipped and ran the setup.

After that I went to device manager and tried to update the driver (under universal serial bus controllers); it failed with an error 10 (device can't be started). Disconnected the board, reconnected it again and ran the same update; this time it worked.

Verified uplaod with both IDE 1.8.5 and IDE 2.0B7

The update process:

  1. Right click and select "update driver".
  2. Browse my computer for drivers.
  3. Click "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my PC".
  4. I picked the last one from below image

I am not getting a tools -> port option. I presume this is because it is mnot finding any port. The ftdi port was working in 1.8.12, and was found in dev mgr working properly, My system is no longer finding usb serial 3. I need to debug this. Thanks for the input.

Hi @jimfah. I'm sorry to hear about the missing port.

I have experienced a similar problem of my serial ports not being available for selection from the Arduino IDE 2.x menus even though I can see them in Arduino IDE 1.x and Device Manager at the same moment:

For me, this is an intermittent problem that occurs maybe only once in every 10 times I start the Arduino IDE. If you close all Arduino IDE windows and then start the Arduino IDE again, do you then see the Tools > Port menu option and the port? It does for me.

I suspect that it's not a matter of the restart fixing the port discovery for me, but only that since the problem is intermittent there is statistically a low likelihood of it happening twice in a row.

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