2.3 inch seven ssegment display

please help me with , i want to drive four 2.3 inch seven segment display with arduino uno i used uln2803 to drive segments and for multiplexing , uln2803 and transistor (bc327) to drive common anode but problem is when i make common anode low there is still glow in that digit ( it should not be as its anode is low ) , when i turn common anode high glow increases but when i make it low it should be off but it still has some glow.

by the way seven segment display i am using has bought from local shop they did not gave me datasheet part no is " starglow203CASR " it is operating on 5v about current i am not sure but i have seen 30ma on datasheet of similar 7 segment display please help me with circuit , specially 7 segment led display driver.

please help asap

1) Please post a schematic of how the thing is wired. Especially the common anode driver.

2) You normally need current limiting resistors.

3) There might be more than one LED in series.