2.4 Ghz Wireless camera Receiver

Hi, I have a wireless camera, similar to this model (http://www.ebay.com/itm/CA-Mini-Wireless-Nanny-Micro-Camera-Transmitter-with-Receiver-Full-Kit-/181283993849) . I lost the receiver module, is there any way to make a receiver for the camera transmitter. I have found that it is a 2.4Ghz communication. Does a similar models receiver or a 2.4Ghz video receiver satisfies the need?? Thanks :)

2.4 Ghz is an unlicensed band that you can use in many countries. There are many different standards in this band (Bluetooth, WiFi, ...), but any manufacturer could in principle define and use his own standard, as long as it complies with the power and spectrum requirements.

You need to know which standard your camera is using, then you may know which kind of receiver you need! ;)

Thank You :) How to find it? I didn't found any technical details about it. :(

Usually wireless video cameras transmit the video over analog 2,4 GHz signal.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a standard for the signal.

Now, you got the camera and know hot the receiver looked like - go look at eBay after a similar camera and receiver, and see if you can purchase a seperate receiver.

// Per.